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Hydra Electricians Burbank is a local company providing electrical installation and repair services. We offer these services to both residential and commercial clients in Burbank.

Choose us to get outstanding service and reliable quality that exceeds your expectations. Because we have years of experience and the best electrician Burbank has to offer.

If you require a 24 hour emergency electrician, call (818)805-2221 now!

To receive electric service at your home or office, just give us a call. Our certified and highly experienced team will come and serve you at your place. Our electricians are licensed, and industry trained to perform all kind of electrical installations and repairs.

Hydra electricians Burbank aims to offer you the best service in the area within your range. We also give prompt emergency service for any electrical problem you might encounter. We are available at the service of our valuable clients all day and all night. Reach us by calling on (818)805-2221


Install or Upgrade Wiring:

Get rid of the outdated wiring that is continuously affecting the efficiency of your electric appliances. We are offering professional service for installing and upgrading wiring at domestic and commercial places. Our skilled staff knows how to tackle this tricky task efficiently.


Electrical Diagnostic:

We diagnose electrical faults accurately and efficiently. If you are facing the issues related to the lighting, wiring, switches, outlets or any other electronics, then you should call Hybrid Electricians Burbank to troubleshoot and resolve.

Install or Repair Ceiling Fans:

Get the ceiling fans installed at your home or workplace to beat the hot weather. We are available on your schedule to install and repair any brand of ceiling fans. You can also seek advice from an experienced electrician regarding the installation of ceiling fans at your place.

Here are a few answers to the frequently asked questions by our clients. Please note that it is recommended to get professional help from a licensed electrical company. Do not take the risk of performing any electric repair by yourself; let us do that for you.

1: Why are the lights flickering at my office?

If you feel like your lights are flickering when you turn on/off a major appliance, it is because the wiring is old and needs to get replaced. Old wiring is not designed to handle the electrical capacity of advanced technology. If you leave it unfixed, then it can result in an electrical fire. Call Hydra Electricians Burbank for a free estimate on an electrical upgrade at your office.

2: How can I prevent electrical fires?

Preventing the electrical fire at your home or office is a serious concern. You must upgrade the electrical components or have a licensed electrician to inspect your home. It will help you in identifying any fault in the electrical system that could lead to the fire. Call on 8188052221 for our expert electrical inspection services.

3: Why is my smoke detector keeps chirping?

The smoke detector is constantly chirping because of these reasons:

  • The defected smoke detector
  • The battery is low, and needs replacement

4: What is the cost of changing a fuse panel?

Hydra electricians Burbank offers you a free quote for your required services. Our electricians need to look at the panel location to provide this estimation. The things like electrical system flexibility, panel location, feeder cable must get checked before proceeding further.

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